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 There are numerous videos on the Internet, which explain the gospel in clear terms to Muslims. I will be posting the links to these as and when requested by our visitors. Here are a few to start with…
These are Stories from the Tawrat, Zabur and the Injeel. These are written in such a way that Muslims would hear and be able to comprehend. To my Muslims brothers and sisters, may you see the Truth of the Scriptures as you see these videos. They are available in various languages too. May the Lord Almighty guide you in the Straight Path!!!
God’s Love Story – English

God’s Love Story – Arabic

God’s Love Story – Urdu

God’s Love Story – Dari

A great website where both Muslims and Christians can find resources.

The Good News of Jesus explained for Muslims
A great video explaining the greatness of the “Name of Isa al Masih

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