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If you are looking to know more about Isa al Masih, this is the website for you.

Our Muslim friends can find the answers to the questions that they have been asking for a long time. Many of my Muslim friends have asked me this question, “What is so special about Isa al Masih?” If you are asking the same question, “What is so special about al Masih?” or “Why did He come into the world?”, you will find answers on this website.

Try Me, I Am JesusSyed Ibn Syed was on the verge of suicide when the miraculous happened, and he gave his life to Jesus instead. A former Muslim, he has understood that Isa al Masih changes the lives of people through His unconditional Love. He has been a follower of Isa al Masih for a quarter of a century and maintains a deep passion and love for Muslim people. Because of his background, Syed is equipped to share the gospel and the love of Isa al Masih in unique ways. He has a Master’s Degree in Religion, speaks nine different languages, and conducts seminars and conferences in various countries all over the world. His book, “Try Me, I am Jesus” is not only an account of his incredible journey with Christ Jesus but also a celebration of the love and grace of God. It is written in a manner that even a Muslim can easily understand how God works in the lives of every person that He deeply loves.

Our long term plan is that you, our Muslim friends, will be able to access this site in your own language, example, Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Bahasa Indonesia, etc. Pray along with us for this venture. May the Lord bless you and speak with you as you read the posts on this site. May He always guide you in the “Straight Path” – Ameen!

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